6 Cats That Look Like Leopards, Can Be Pets

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Cats are one of the most popular animal pets around the world. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One of the most interesting cat variants is the one with a fur pattern similar to that of a leopard. These cats are often called “leopard cats”. They have a unique charm due to their beautiful fur and facial expressions reminiscent of big cat like leopards. In this article, we will discuss 7 types of cats that are similar to leopards and can be kept as pets.

1.Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats

One of the most famous cat breeds with a leopard-like coat pattern is the Bengal cat. This cat has shiny fur with a brown or yellow background, and dark spots similar to leopard markings. Bengal cats are very active and intelligent cats, so they need owners who can provide sufficient mental and physical stimulation. They are also known as cat that are very loyal to their owners.

2. Savannah Cats

Savannah cats

The Savannah is the result of a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, which is a wild cat from Africa. This cat has a large spotted pattern and thin fur with a tawny color. The Savannah is one of the largest cats in the world, with a long body and tall legs. They are also very active and need space to play. Despite its large size, the Savannah is a friendly and playful cat.

3. Serengeti Cats

Serengeti Cats

The Serengeti is a medium-sized cat that has silver fur with a black spotted pattern. They have a graceful and elegant appearance, which is similar to the African wild cat. The Serengeti is an active and friendly cat, they are perfect for active families. They also easily adapt to different environments.

4. Toyger


The Toyger is a type of cat designed to resemble a leopard. The name “Toyger” itself is an abbreviation of “toy tiger,” which means “toy leopard.” This cat has a very conspicuous spotted pattern with black stripes similar to the stripes on a leopard’s skin. They are friendly cats and easy to tame, so they are suitable for novice cat owners.

5. Cheetohs

Cheetoh cat

The Cheetoh is the result of a cross between a Bengal cat and a Bengal cat. They have shiny fur with a striking spotted pattern. Cheetohs are very active and energetic cats, so they need owners who can provide lots of play and stimulation. Although they tend to be active, the Cheetoh is a cat that is very loyal to its owner.

6. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

Finally, we have the Egyptian Mau, which is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. This cat has thin fur with a unique spotted pattern. What sets the Egyptian Mau apart from other cat breeds is that they have large, green eyes, giving them a very attractive appearance. Despite their graceful appearance, they are active and playful cat.

In conclusion, if you love the look of a leopard, but would like to have a pet that is smaller and easier to care for, these cat could be the perfect choice. Remember that although they may look similar to big cats such as leopards, they are pets that require a fair amount of attention, affection and stimulation. Before deciding to own one of them, make sure you have considered it carefully and are ready to provide the care it needs.